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About Divide & Conquer



Divide & Conquer is a biotechnology company based in Cambridge, UK and working in collaboration with the University of Heidelberg and German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ).

The company is focused on developing new therapeutics against glioblastoma (grade IV astrocytoma), a particularly lethal form of brain cancer, and other solid tumours with very poor life expectancy. Divide & Conquer is funded by VC firm Medicxi.

Our focus, in brief

There is increasing evidence that glioblastoma, and also other solid tumours, form malignant cellular networks between cells through structures known as tumour microtubes and tunneling nanotubes.

These structures allow the trafficking of materials and communication between cells, which appears to be essential for tumour growth and survival , and also resistance to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

We call this intercellular communication and exchange of materials Cellular Parabiosis.

Our aim is to disrupt it

Our aim is to disrupt cellular parabosis in tumours by targeting their ability to form these malignant cellular networks. That means developing therapeutics that target tumour microtubes / tunneling nanotubes and also related cell-to-cell communication structures called gap junctions.

For details, please see our Glioblastoma, Cellular Parabiosis and Other Cancers & Pipeline pages.


Gap junctions: provide cell-to-cell communication of essential metabolites and ions (paper,

Parabiosis: anatomical and physiological union of two organisms (Merriam-Webster)

Solid tumour/tumor: An abnormal mass of tissue that usually does not contain cysts or liquid areas. Solid tumors may be benign (not cancer) or malignant (cancer).

Tunneling Nanotubes: a route for the exchange of components between animal cells (FEBS Press)